Saturday, January 3, 2009

Panama City

 We've been in Panama City for a couple of days. After arriving at the airport instead of taking a taxi into town, we got darring and found the bus. So instead of a $30 ride it cost us all of .50 cents. The first day, we just had time to get the lay of the land.We took a long walk around town and the shoreline and had dinner and a bottle of wine from Argentina.

Today we went to see the canal. Very interesting to see huge ships go through the locks with a spare 2 feet of room on each side. 

Tomorrow we've got one more day in Panama City and then we're off on a short plane ride to the San Blas Islands on the Caribbean side where we'll stay on several islands for four nights.  


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  1. Awesome! That's the way to travel. I bet you saw more of the city and the people just by taking the .50 cents trip to your hotel. Way to go! I wish I would be there with you trip!