Sunday, May 24, 2009

Retired - Now What?

I've now been retired for an entire week! It still seems like I'm on vacation and that sometime I'll need to go back to work. Strange feeling. I know it will take time to adjust and I probably won't feel the affect until August when Diane goes back to work as I pack her lunch and wave good bye.  

For now, Diane and I are getting ready for a few new adventures. First is a trip to San Francisco for a nursing conference that Diane is attending. I'm tagging along for the fun of it. After the conference I leave for Philadelphia to meet up with Wes to go sailing - that is, if the diesel starts.

I'll be on the East Coast until June 22. I may have a chance to drive down to see my friends Bob in Richmond and Dave in Charleston. Dave has a Whitby 42 ketch that he's getting ready to take sailing to the Caribbean in the fall. 

On June 22 I fly out of Philadelphia for Amsterdam. Diane will be flying from LAX and will meet me there. Our next adventure starts there and will take us to Germany to see my cousin Erika, then off to Eastern Europe. 

So that's the setting. Stay tuned.