Saturday, February 6, 2010

Anageda Island

February 4-5

Wi-fi at the Spanish Town marina was an fleeting enigmas - it came and went for no apparent reason (mostly went). No one knew where the antenna was located to be able to get a stronger signal. This had a humorous effect - there were a number of people walking around like zombies looking for a wi-fi signal (me included). I’d see somebody with their laptop sitting under a tree and with great expectations walk over to them and ask if they got a signal, but the answer was usually no.
We left the Spanish Town marina in the morning. We had gotten fuel and topped off the water tanks. We headed up the coast towards the Bitter End anchorage. But as we got outside, a nice breeze came up and Dave suggested that we consider going to Anegada Island and then return to the Bitter End the next day. We sailed on a close reach, with hardly any chop. Unbelievable!

We got to Anegada in about three hours, after a smooth and easy-going sail. Making it through the reef was a bit tricky since the last buoys appeared to be missing. We proceeded slowly and cautiously through the channel keeping an eye on the depth sounder while Rob and I stayed on the bow as look-outs. We anchored in about ten feet of water.

Anageda is different from the other islands in the BVI in that it is very low and flat. It looks more like the Bahamas. With all the surrounding reefs and its low elevation makes it treacherous for navigation. As a result, Anageda has over 300 wrecks.

The following day we rented bikes and toured the island from one end to the other. It did have some beautiful beaches and good snorkeling spots, particularly in the northern part. But the (mostly) dirt and sand roads didn’t make the going easy. We got back to the boat exhausted.

In the morning, after breakfast, we had a good sail to the Bitter End, on Virgin Gorda.

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  1. you guys are living the dream. Good work by you guys. Keep the pics coming. Enjoying reading about your adventures.

    Gary Heywood - Rob's friend