Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sainte Anne and Marin

March 22 - Sainte Anne - Lots of rain and lots of wind

Squall after squall came by during the night. In the morning, we were in no mood to make the crossing to St. Lucia. Instead, we opted to take the dinghy in to Marin. (For those of you who live in Marin, CA, here the pronunciation of it is like this “mehrung”.

Dave really enjoyed the “marine store” ambiance of Marin and bought a few things to make for a nice afternoon’s project - a spendy new two-speed winch to control the headsail roller furling. Indeed, it will make life easier and safer when dealing with the headsail. The rest of Marin was ho-hum. Sainte Anne’s was a much prettier and cozier place.

March 23 - Onward to St. Lucia

We were underway out of St. Anne’s harbor by 9 a.m. St. Lucia was only about twenty miles south. We had a double reefed main and unfurled the headsail only to a working jib. The winds were out of the east (nice direction for a beam reach) and were steady at twenty six knots. As we got into open waters the seas were 7-9 feet.

We soon decided that we didn’t even need the reefed main. A working jib was plenty to make 5-6 knots. Otherwise, it was a pretty comfortable sail being that the weather was all on the beam. Had we had to go straight into the wind and seas, it would not have been pretty. But as it was, we were anchored in Rodney Bay, St. Lucia four hours later.

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