Monday, January 12, 2015

Winter Trip 2014-2015 (Bernau)


After just a few days in Amsterdam, Diane and I went to visit my cousin, Erika. She lives in Bavaria, in the small town of Bernau. It was a few degrees cooler there than Amsterdam with a bit more snow on the ground.

   She didn't really come to pick us up in this horse buggy - her BMW was around the corner.

            Bernau is adjacent to the Chiemsee, a large lake with islands and castles.

            Taking a break from the cold with a cup of Gluhwein (hot and spicy wine).

                One of the lovely villages we drove through on our way to Berchtesgaten

On one of the full days we were there, we drove about an hour east to a place called Berchtesgaten, a national park but also a lovely village. On the way there, we drove through picturesque small villages and spotted lots of people skiing, some downhill, but most were cross-country skiers.

                        Erika and Diane 

                                                 At Konigssee (King's Sea)

                                                   At Berchtesgaten village.

                                        A walk through Berchtesgaten village

           At Berchtesgaten, there was a stairway upwards that pleaded to be walked....

           It provided beautiful panoramic views of the the village and the surrounding Alps.

    A typical Bavarian lunch entre - Weisswurst, a pretzel, sweet mustard and a glass of wine.

      After a brief but fun stay in Bernau, it was time to get back on the train to Munich.

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  1. Glad you got to experience a "real" winter with snow and all!