Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Amsterdam - August 2016


After our African adventure, we returned to Amsterdam for a month-long stay. The main objective was to hangout with Isla. We stayed at our little Airbnb just around the corner from Meredith and Elliot. Very handy.

                                     Isla loves her rice crackers at Oma and Opa's.

                                      She hides in places that make it really hard to find her.

                                 Isla truly enjoyed our playto building.

                    Going shopping with Meredith on a cargo bike. It's the family station wagon.

   There's always time to relax with Oma.

                                                              And do some reading.

        Now that we bought a scooter, we have to put it together!!!

                                                 The sandbox at Sarphatipark is always a hit.

                                           A puzzling moment at our apartment.

       A walk through Sarphatipark with Oma and Opa.

                                                               Feeding the ducks.

      Climbing as high as you can.

         In the evening, it's time to get serious and start thinking about dinner. Salmon?

                                 Yeah! I'm REALLY excited, Oma!!!

                 A sample of idle parenting. What Diane and I do is active grandparenting.

                  It looks like this.

                                             And this - at the library.

                                                                           A summer walk in Amsterdam. 

                                                                   Fun at Vondelpark.

          Oma showing Isla the idiosyncrasies of Android phone systems versus iPhones.

                                    Back to reality, Isla shows off her sandbox tricks.

                               View from the Ij Film Museusm towards Amsterdam.

                                                  On the ferry to the Ij.

                   One of the many Oude Kerk's (old churches) in the Amsterdam area.   

                                     A draw bridge in the city of Leiden.

                                                      Leiden canal.


             We had lunch in Leiden at one of the restaurants on the right on this scene.

                      An afternoon spent with Maarten and Ineke and their grandkids.

        There's actually some serious work done once in a while. Building a bed for Isla

                                                  But there's a lot of clowning around.

          Building blocks are a lot of fun.

                                    A not-often-seen Glaser selfie (sans selfie stick).