Friday, October 7, 2016

North West Trip 2016


We found Portland to be a vibrant and comfortable city to visit. As far as city driving goes, it wasn't too congested. But trying to find a parking spot often presented a challenge.

Our B&B was in an old neighborhood on the east side of Portland. Our hostess was a tall, 6'3", blond, who had been a former university volleyball coach. The house was an old Victorian style home with several guest rooms but only two bathrooms. Fortunately, we were the only guests and had the run of the house.

Our first day's adventure was to take the drive along the Columbia Gorge on Highway 30. Lots of waterfalls and spectacular panoramic views. 

After several short hikes to waterfalls, we pulled into the Bonneville Dam and fish hatchery. We thought we'd only visit for a few minutes to see the dam and the hatchery. As it turns out, we spent several hours there touring the operation and the hatchery.

The turbines in the plant were originally installed in the 1930's. But in the 1990's they were replaced with newer technology. From where the photo was taken to the other end is 900 yards.

At the dam, they take care to provide steps where salmon can swim through, as they make their way up the river to spawn. As they swim upstream, fish counters at underwater windows count the fish and track size and specie.  

But after spawning, the salmon die. Creeks are littered with fish carcasses - and it smells awful.

            Portland is known for its food trucks. They have a whole area in town with them.


Powells' Books is a giant book store that encompasses an entire city block. On the day we went, crowds were lined around the block to buy their book from The Boss himself - Bruce Springsteen. 

                        The Portland Maritime Museum. Unfortunately it was closed.

                    Nike, based in Beaverton, OR, sponsors these shared bikes.

The Deschutes Brewery is renowned for its beers, ales and good food. They didn't disappoint.  

While walking around our B&B neighborhood, I spotted this majestic Vicorian house that was also a B&B.

After three days in Portland, we packed the van and headed south for Lava Beds National Monument.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

North West Trip 2016

Seattle and Southward

After our visit to the Olympic National Park and Port Angeles, we took Maarten and Ineke to the ferry headed for Victoria, while we spent an evening with our friends, Tom and Dianna, in Port Townsend.

After our brief visit with Tom and Diana, we drove back to Port Angeles, picked up Maarten and Ineke and drove to Bainbridge Island to take the ferry to Seattle.

In Seattle, For the first time ever, we had poor commutation with our Airbnb hostess where we were staying. We ended up not hearing from her, resulting in no access to our house. We had to find a hotel room on the spot.

The next morning, Pikes Market in Seattle was our first stop. Touristy but fun. We lunched at Turkish Delight and walked past the original Starbucks.

Afterwards, we heard from our hostess and we were able to get into our house for the rest of our stay. 

Our favorite visit was to the Chihuly Gardens and Glass, near the Space Needle. 

Works by American artist, Dale Chihuly, are whimsical and fascinating. 

In the evening we went to the Columbia Building in downtown Seattle and took the elevator up to the 78th floor where the observation deck is to be found. The views were spectacular. 

You can see how much taller this building is in comparison to the Space Needle in the distance.

The following day, we met our old friend, Bob Riddle (from our days living and working in Iran (1977-78)). He drove us to Issaqua, where they were celebrating Salmon Days. 

Perhaps hard to see, but salmon are in the photo (below) of the river. The salmon are here to spawn. Afterwards, sadly, they decompose and die.

After having a salmon lunch, Bob took us to the Snoqualmie Falls - this is where the David Lynch television series "Twin Peaks" was filmed. It was difficult to not continually hum the theme song.

We visited a few more spots in the Seattle area including the museum of industry/history, and a cider house for a cider tasting.

        While leaving Seattle, we spotted female rowing crews getting ready to race.      

As we made our way southward from Seattle to Portland we made a brief stop in Tacoma to visit the Museum of Glass. Here, the glass works for several artists were displayed.

        This one was made by a ten year old child.

                     Glass blowers at work.

We then headed to Portland.