Saturday, October 20, 2018

Camping at Pfeiffer Big Sur

Camping with Mike & Venessa at Pfeiffer Big Sur.

In mid-October, we met our friends, Mike and Venessa in Moro Bay and caravanned up to Big Sur. The weather was ideal for camping. There wasn’t even any fog. 

Mike and Venessa had their newly purchased camper/trailer - we had our old tent. 

We each were in charge of cooking one dinner and one breakfast. Lunch was on our own. Above, Mike struts his keen abilities to fry up some potatoes.

Mike and I took a hike up to Buzzard’s Roost, about a four mile round trip that provided beautiful views and a good cardio workout. It was peculiar too - a number of people asked us about the distance of the hike.  

The wine made its appearance as soon as the sun disappeared behind the mountains. In the evenings, we had a warm campfire. We actually were surprised that we could even have one!

Our camp site was adjacent to this serene creek.

After breaking camp and saying our good-byes, we did encounter some headwinds - our car wouldn’t start! But with the help of the folks at the lodge, who googled how to jumpstart a hybrid car, and a helpful fellow that just happened to have jumper cables and a battery pack, we were soon on our way home.

We made one stop for coffee - Ragged Point. We walked around their ocean front gardens and enjoyed the ocean panoramas. It was a proper ending to another Big Sur camping adventure.